All-In-One Family System

The Only All-In-One Family System

Have you ever noticed a fridge covered with multiple charts for children?  As parents, we know it is our responsibility to teach and guide our children.  We want what is best for them and to help them develop important skills.  We are often found creating charts (chore charts, behavior charts, goal charts, etc.)  to help track their progress and teach them how to be responsible and contribute to family life.

The good news is that instead of needing several different charts, the DoDots Program has combined all of the charts into one simple and easy-to-use Family System.  The DoDots Family System makes it convenient to meet the needs of each individual child as well as the whole family at the same time and on the same board.

Parents have found DoDots to be simple to update and track chores, goals, progress, and rewards without needing to clutter  areas of the home with multiple charts.  Children love the visual and hands-on benefits of using the board and how easy it is to do it themselves.  A huge benefit of the DoDots Program and the DoDots Family System is that they work together to make your home run smoothly.  Often times when you attend a parenting workshop or class, you are left with great ideas and motivation; however, that motivation can fade when you don’t have the hands-on material to get started right away.  Our DoDots Family System gives you the hands-on materials to immediately and succesfully begin the program with your family. 


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