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Please share your DoDots Success Stories with us! It’s so fun to hear your stories and to share them with other people. (Scroll down to add your story.)

“I recently ordered this system to better manage responsibilities at my house without so much nagging and whining! I am amazed at how well my children took to this system, they were so excited to start it, and their excitement is still going strong several months later. This has been life changing at my house!” Mickie Devries

“As a father of almost 6 children, I absolutely love this system! It is nice to come home after a long day at work to a clean home, a happy wife, and happy children. Of course everyday isn’t perfect but most days things run smoothly thanks to this great system. When my wife told me she wanted the system and told me the price I said no, there is no way that a chore chart is worth that much money. I decided to surprise her for Mother’s Day with it and it is the gift that keeps on giving and was definitely worth the money! My children do their chores, their rooms are clean, they do extra chores for more tickets, and they get their homework done right after school and many times before school. It has helped keep our home more organized, clean, and harmonious. We love the DoDots system and know anyone who gets a system will love it too! – Mike W.

“I love Family DoDots! It has everything that we need to keep our household running smoothly. Everything I want my children to do each day are included in the Level I section-they’ve thought of everything. And it is so customizable that I can fit the responsibilities around what our family needs. The tickets and family store are very motivating and it makes it so much easier to encourage good behavior. I love how everything is combined into one board. We don’t need separate charts for everyday chores, practicing, family home evening, etc.” Geneve F.

“When my kids say their prayers, they are thankful for DoDots. Need I say more? Okay, I will… I am thankful too… it is a huge boost to our family. Love, love, love it! SarahChloe Gudmunson

“Thank you, thank you for sharing this amazing system!  We have been using it for the past week and it has changed so much of the craziness that was happening in my home.  I love not nagging them to get ready in the mornings, to do their chores, to keep their rooms clean, to do their homework.  My evenings are so much nicer now that they actually do their homework right when they get home without me asking!  This system has been so wonderful and so worth EVERY penny spent.  We opened the store for the first time last night and my children were so excited!  Thank you again… being 33 weeks pregnant and in the process of selling my house, this system was a heaven-send! Thank you… we love our DoDots System!”  Dede Wright

“I wanted to share how excited I am about this system!  We introduced the family store and the DoDots System to the kids last night and they are thrilled!  My 11 year old woke me up this morning to tell me that he had done all of his Level One assignments BEFORE school.  (I have NEVER seen that child’s room so clean!)  A few minutes ago, my 6 year old reached Level 2 and we did a happy dance!  Thank you, thank you for helping our family!!”  Jamie Holm (Idaho)

“Oh Sweet Mother of Pearl!! I love this system!  Just did our first week and had our first shopping trip at “Hall-Mart” family store yesterday.  The kids were thrilled and had so much fun spending their hard earned tickets.  I love that they were learning the value of a ticket and budgeting at the same time! I am so impressed with this system.  My house is soooo clean and I look forward to many more years of a clean happy home and fun shopping trips to “Hall-Mart!” Thanks so much for this amazing system!   ♥ Stacy Hall

“Day 1 has been a dream! I was feeling sick this morning and my husband let me sleep in. When I got up, it was as though my little boys had been transformed! They were all busily working on getting chores done, practicing their piano. There was no whining, arguing…nothing! I asked my husband “has it been like this all morning?” he nodded and said yes! So excited :) Even now… at 7:15p my 10 year old is ASKING for chores and things to clean, because he wants more tickets! This is a happy mama :)” Shelley Stuart Dawson

” Mo (my husband) and I secretly laugh when the kids aren’t watching because who knew they just needed to be on LEVEL 2 to do anything and everything we ever wanted… lol  Seriously though… SPOTLESS rooms every morning???  IN MY HOUSE, that was unheard of.  My daughter says, “It’s not fair that her brother gets to unload the dishes when she was ‘just’ about to ask (to do it).”  Oh there are funny things every day… like now they want to wake up 20 minutes earlier for school so they can get the chores done BEFORE school… AND read their scriptures.   I also LOVE that there are no more discussions of what they HAVE to do.   It’s just a simple, “Are you level two?” and the discussion ends… no arguing… Really the system is a life saver!  5 kids and for the first time I have something that WORKS for us.  Thanks again!  WE LOVE OUR DO DOTS!!!!” – Melanie Mo’unga

“My family and I love using the DoDots Family System! The kids are really motivated and excited to get to Level Two, they look at the board first thing in the morning and race to finish their chores first. Not only do they keep our house clean, they also do it efficiently. I love having a clean and orderly home! I discovered that with this system, we have more quality time to spend playing together and less time fighting about helping around the house.” JanaLee Pickett

“I have to tell you that this system has saved us this year! With my last 2 babies being born 17 mo. apart, it has been so nice to have a system that works so well and makes my life so much easier. I recommend it to everyone I know!:) The children love it too.” Holli Gunther

“Thank you for changing my life.  I couldn’t be more serious.  I feel uplifted by this simple yet effective system that takes nagging and compulsion out and brings love and learning in.”  Ruth Thompson

“My children adapted quickly to the DoDots Family System. They love having responsibilities, and shopping at our family store! I feel that DoDots has made me a better parent, to the point I look forward to taking my kids places, knowing that they will behave properly!!!! Thank you! DoDots rock!”
— Kimm, Utah

“We have been “dotted!”  This has been such a great experience for our large family.  I was so excited to share the DoDots System with my children that I didn’t even wait until our materials arrived.  Before our board even came, I had children trying to earn tickets.  It has been a positive reinforcement of their achievements from chores to goals. There is no guess work on expectations and we have even had days where we have been on level two so fast we have had more time for fun together.  – Adrianne (Lehi, Utah – mother of 5 boys & 1 girl)

“Just thought I’d let you know . . .
I woke up this morning at 7:30 a.m. to the sounds of one of my kids practicing violin and the other on the piano.  My other child (who didn’t have an instrument available to him at the moment – was working ahead on his homework).  What a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!”   Tatia Beaslin – 3 kids… girl age 10, 2 boys age 7 (yes, TWINS!)

“As soon as Do Dots was in place, my children learned to be a better part of our family team by doing their responsibilities and helping with the house. When DoDots is consistently being used in our house, there is more purpose in our daily routine and more gets done and yet the kids feel happy to contribute. They feel great satisfaction when accomplishing their responsibilities and earning tickets. Getting to level two for my children, ages 7, 5, & 4, is almost like a game. It is a great system to teach children to be contributors and hard workers.”  –  Lauren  (Temecula, California)

“We have been using DoDots for about 7 months now and we absolutely love it. We have 4 kids ranging in age from 13-3. When I had my house on the market ready to sell, it was not TOO hard with DoDots.  Each of the kids pitched in to clean their designated areas. We have not had to nag them to read scriptures or write in their journals (maybe gently remind them). They know that they have to complete their tasks in order to be on level 2 and to be able to go to the family store. We have had a great experience using DoDots and will continue this system.” –  Kathy  (Wisconsin)


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