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What Makes DoDots Different?

DoDots is not just a chore chart, it’s an All-In-One Family System
• Includes Responsibilities, Behavior, Goals, Practice Time, and much much more. No need for separate goal charts, behavior charts, chore charts, etc.

Research-based motivation system
• Incorporates a successful, easy-to-use leveling system and a fun token economy.

Low maintenance and highly successful
• Continues to work year after year without needing a new system.

Family Store
• Children love coming to the family store. It’s a fun and exciting place to shop for items, coupons, or cash with their earned tickets.

Works for all ages and abilities
• Flexible enough to work for the 3 year old just as well as the 16 year old.

All family members can be placed on the same chart
• No need for separate charts for each family member. You can see all family members’ progress on one board at a quick glance.

Works for a variety of situations and needs
• Successful for children with ADHD and other special needs. Successful for married or single parent families, for both homes of divorced parents, for grandparents taking care of grandchildren, and for foster care homes.

Created by a mental health counselor (LCSW) and a former Special Education teacher.
• DoDots was designed by a husband and wife team of five children. See “About Us” to learn their story.

Continued support in our MEMBER CENTER.
• Amazing!  Includes 7 Step-by-Step Tutorial Videos 1. Setting Up 2. Introducing DoDots to Your Family 3. Daily/Leveling Section  4. Tickets  5. weekly/Value Section  6. Family Store  7. BEHAVIOR    Also included is Comprehensive Instructions and FAQ, Family Store Ideas, and on-going support from the DoDots creators as well as other members in the Member Forum. Membership granted with each purchase.

Family of 10 children using DoDots:
Awesome Fam of 10

“The whole system has been awesome. I LOVE that I am running out of things for them to do. The tops of all of our cupboards have been washed, every wall and surface has been scrubbed clean, the yard is perfectly manicured, the garden was tilled with shovels and rakes in a half a day by two motivated teenagers, the cars are washed and vacuumed twice a week, no one complains when I ask them to change a diaper for me, … I have not had to remind anyone to practice piano or clean their rooms. In short – it has been AWESOME and I wanted to let you know that we are LOVING this!”

-Gerb, mother of 10


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