How It Works (ASL Video)


Perfect for Deaf Parents and Families

What makes it so perfect for Deaf Parents and Families?


• In one glance, you can easily see the progress of each child — without having to find them and ask them what they have done.

Easy for Children to Understand

• The DoDots Family System ™ was designed to be easy to understand for children and requires little explanation to help them understand how it works. That means even if you have a child that doesn’t sign well, he/she will still be able to understand how it works. There is even an ASL video that gives you simple and clear instructions on how to explain and introduce DoDots to your children so they can begin using it ASAP.

Completely Deaf-friendly Member Center

• Each instructional video has a ASL version

• We added a new “Deaf Community” portion of our Member Forum, so you can discuss ideas with other Deaf parents and families who use the DoDots Family System.

Helps Children Sign Better

• We didn’t expect this result, but many Deaf parents/families have found that if they have a child who signs sloppy, or signs too much English, the “Practice” section in the Leveling system is simple way to motivate them to improve, without criticizing them.

Family DoDots’ Owners are fluent in ASL

• Both of the owners of Family DoDots are fluent in ASL and have been involved in the Deaf community for 36 years combined. Meaning, they have a solid understanding of Deaf culture and the Deaf community values.


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