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The DoDots Family System and Program ™

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DoDots is a fun, new, and motivating way to teach family members to be responsible and independent.  Parents love the low maintenance & user-friendliness of the system.  Children love the fun and exciting approach towards helping them succeed.

This system greatly reduces the feelings of entitlement and is structured so the system will run itself without the parent needing to nag about individual tasks getting accomplished.  It is a productive system that builds a positive family atmosphere.

Note: The DoDots Family System is legally protected and there is no recreating or copying of the board in any form allowed, nor using the program without written consent unless purchased. 

The Basics

The Leveling System restarts each day.

Responsibilities are chosen according to age level and ability.

There can be as many responsibilities as you choose and they can be easily changed anytime you choose.

Blank white dots are included and may be written on to customize to your family.

Tasks can be assigned individually as well as for the whole family.

Tickets are given by parents to reinforce good behavior and for “extra” things that children accomplish or help do.

Tickets are used to purchase items or coupons at the family store weekly.

Weekly/Value items, located under the thick horizontal line, allows for goal setting, tracking behavior, and instilling important values.

 Beyond the Basics – Click here to see what’s included in the Member Center

The DoDots Family System uses a research-based approach for improving and managing behavior and creating independence in family members. Consequently, understanding how the whole system works together is important.  The Member Center is chock full of video tutorials and information to help you successfully implement the Family System into your home. The Member Center also offers on-going support through our Member Forum.  Premier Membership access is included with each purchase.


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