Low Maintenance

Low Maintenance

Save yourself time and effort by using the DoDots Family System!  It is a hassle free way to ensure children are fulfilling their responsibilities and accomplishing their tasks independently.  It doesn’t take long before children are independently moving through the Levels, letting the Family System practically run itself.

As parents, we need simple and effective ways to help our children, so we can spend more time enjoying life with them.  The DoDots Family System and Program is designed to make life easier on the parents.  Everything you need to get started comes with the system, so you only have to set it up once, unlike printable chore charts that require constant action on your part.   When parents use printable chore charts, it requires action on their part to print the charts daily or weekly or monthly.  This can be hard to keep up with.  Some parents may do a great job of this, yet most parents struggle to consistently maintain and keep up with this for more than 2-3 weeks. If a parent misses a week to print the child’s chart or perhaps the stickers get lost, everything can easily be thrown off and soon the printable chore chart fizzles.

There is good news!  The creators of the DoDots Family System became tired of recreating chart after chart too, so they designed the DoDots program specifically to never have to print or create another chore chart, behavior chart, or goal chart again .

Another great part about the DoDots Program is that it is easy to reward your children for the things they have earned.  Have you ever promised your child something for doing a good job or behaving well, but then forgotten to get it for him?  This is why having a Family Store in your home makes it easier for you.  This gives you, as the parent, rewards at your fingertips.  Now you won’t have to feel guilty if you forget to buy something they have earned; it will already be right there in your Family Store.


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