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Premier Membership Access Included

The Premier Membership to our Member Center is included with each purchase.   The Member Center will guide you through each step of the DoDots Program in English or American Sign Language. It offers step-by-step tutorial videos, Written Instructions, Family Store Tips & Ideas, FAQ (full version), and on-going and open invitation to call or email us with any questions you have.

It includes these seven videos:

1. Setting up your DoDots

a. Learn how to quickly set-up the board with all of the parts and pieces.

b. Learn how the board flows and where to place everything on it.

2. Introducing DoDots to Your Family

a. Learn successful ways to introduce the program to your family to get them excited and ready to use it.

b. Learn how to teach them your expectations for chores in a positive way before starting the Program.

3. Daily/Leveling Section

a. Learn the difference between Level One and Level Two and how it works to motivate children to accomplish their tasks.

b. Learn our “magic” sentence to say to your children, so you won’t need to nag.

c. Learn how to set responsibilities in a unique way, so children can accomplish them easier.

d. Learn how to use the “Your Bucket” magnet to take care of items that get left out a lot such as shoes or backpacks.

e. Learn how to set-up individual responsibilities and/or one responsibility for the whole family to accomplish.

4.  Tickets

a. Learn how to use tickets to encourage your children and to implement behavior management successfully.

b. Learn when the best time is to give to tickets to children.

c. Learn how and when children can earn “extra” tickets.

d. Learn how to track tickets easily.

5. Weekly/Value Section

a. Learn how to implement the family values that are important to YOUR family.

b. Learn how to create positive goals for your children to accomplish whether they are goals to study math flash cards or goals toward improving bad behavior.

c. Learn how to encourage service and have a great Family Night!

6. Family Store

a. Learn how to put the right things in the family store that will motivate your children.

b. Learn how often to open your Family Store in order to make it successful for everyone.

c. Learn how to price items in your Family Store.

d. Learn how to teach children to budget their tickets and/or money.

7. Behavior

a. Learn how to use the DoDots Family System to create positive behavior management in your home to deal with complaining, back talking, defiance, fighting, etc.

b. Learn how to motivate children to behave well in public… at the store, grandma’s house, church, etc.

c. Learn different ways to track goals so it matches your child’s learning style and so you get the results you want.

The Member Center also includes:

1. Complete written instructions, so you can easily refer to them again and again.

2. Family Store Information – a list of fun items to add to your family store as well as great tips and ideas to make your Family Store extra fun.

3. FAQ (full version) – Answers the questions under our website’s FAQ tab, but also many more questions:

What is the best way to introduce the DoDots System to your family?

– How long does it take to get this system working well?

– Does this work without feeling like a nag?

– Does this system address entitlement?

– How do children earn tickets?

– Can tickets be taken away?

– Does this system work for teenagers?

– Do Mom and Dad need to be added to the board?

– Additional Questions answered in the Member Center, not under our website’s FAQ tab:

– How does LEVEL ONE and LEVEL TWO work?

– How do you incorporate behavior into this system?.

– Do you use “allowance” with this system?

– What do you recommend for children that complain about work?

– How much should a ticket be worth?

– Can tickets be exchanged for money?

– What are good items for the family store?

– How often do you open the family store and how do you keep it consistent?

– Can this system be personalized?


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