Works for All Ages

Works For All Ages

The DoDots Family System is designed to work with any age of child.

For example, you can have a dot for a 3 year old to “Get Ready” for the day and a dot for the 16 year old to “Mow the Yard” on the same board.

How does this work? Choose responsibility words that are age appropriate for each child OR make your own responsibility words by writing your words on the white blank dots provided. This allows you to quickly and easily customize it to any age or ability level.

There are many reasons why families love the DoDots Family System. Two of those reasons are:

1)  It continues to work year after year as their children grow older, never needing to make or print another chore chart, behavior chart, or goal chart again.

2)  Now parents can see their all children’s progress in one place instead of viewing individual charts for each child.  This makes the tracking simple, quick, and effective for children and parents.


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