DoDots Course contains 47 short step-by-step videos (including: set-up, introducing it to your family, the leveling system, family store, goals, behavior, etc.)
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Access to the Member Center (chock full of helpful information)
Resources (Includes: printables, parenting helps, FAQs, Written instructions)
Ask the Counselor Answers & Videos
Family Store (Best ideas for store items and tips and tricks)
Private FB Group - support for your family
Member Store for replacement parts and upgrades Option to purchase kit for US customers only
DoDots Family System Kit:
54 pre-printed responsibility dots
21 customizable white blank dots
78 high quality magnets
1 multi-colored dot sticker sheet
1 sheet white dots
7 colored dot sticker sheets
6 picture bottle cap magnets
6 goal bottle cap magnets
6 clear bottle cap seals
125 family store tickets (Includes BONUS tickets)
1 fine tip wet erase marker
1 circle template
DoDots Family System Board
License to create one DoDots Family System board for your own family N/A
DoDots Magnetic Board (framed DoDots metal board with high quality print of DoDots grid)
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