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Dustin - Family DoDots Creator


Dustin has a Masters degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). He currently runs a private counseling practice in Utah, working with families, couples, and individuals to help them remove barriers and live a better quality of life.  Prior to his private practice, his work experience and expertise was with children 2-18 years of age.  Dustin spent several years serving on the Board of the Utah Association for Play Therapy.  He currently presents to community and corporate groups on various mental health topics such as parenting, marriage, stress management, etc. He also specializes in working with the Deaf and Hard-of-hearing community. He is fluent in American Sign Language and is nationally certified as a Master Level (highest level) interpreter under the RID-NIC certification.

Kate - Family DoDots Creator


Kate has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and is also fluent in American Sign Language. She taught resource classes in elementary schools in Utah and California for several years. Kate has a regular spot on Channel 2 on Fresh Living offering parenting advice as well as been on Channel 4  (Good Things Utah) and on Channel 5 (Studio 5) several times showing DoDots.   She teaches classes for the DoDots Family System and teaches parenting and marriage workshops with Dustin.   Kate is active in her community as she led a neighborhood babysitting co-op that includes 32 other families for over 8 years. Kate volunteers her time to help other communities set up their own babysitting co-ops as well.  However, her biggest love in life is staying home and being a mother to their five children.

Dustin and Kate - Creators of Family DoDots


The DoDots All-In-One Family System was created by sheer necessity. It was created soon after the birth of Dustin’s and Kate’s fourth child, making it then a total of four children all under the age of six.  Their lives were overwhelming as Kate was recovering from her 4th c-section, struggling with baby blues and nursing, and battling Mastitis. As if that weren’t enough, Dustin and Kate were both diagnosed with Mononucleosis, one of their daughters broke her arm while the other daughter caught a terrible stomach flu. Furthermore, Dustin was asked to volunteer as an ecclesiastical leader (Bishop) of their church,which required a lot of his energy and time and which he happily accepted.  Everything added up causing this time of life to be overwhelming and exhausting for them.

Kate recalls that exact moment when she knew they needed a change, a new Family System…  “During all of our struggles at that time, I remember looking at our calendar and breaking down in tears as it showed that our children would be out of school in two weeks.  I normally love the thought of all my little ones gathered around, but this was a tough stage of life for us… I completely fell apart at the thought of the kids home all day and the chaos that would soon ensue upon our home.  Our home already looked like a tornado had hit and I didn’t have the energy to pick up the pieces. I imagined the past summers of chore charts, goal charts, behavior charts, and still being left with exhaustion and only mildly and sporadically motivated children. I knew something had to be different this summer, so my husband and I sat down and went to work on creating a program.  We combined our education, experience, and the needs of our family to create the DoDots Family System. We spent weeks and many revisions to come up with it.  We wanted to make sure that we would not need to make another chart again…ever!  All of our time and hard work paid off!  We implemented the system into our family’s life that summer and we all fell in love with it. It quickly made an amazing difference and continues to do so!”

Since that time, thousands of other families have used the same system to bring sanity, organization, and peace into their homes too.



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