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Kate isn't your average girl.  She stands tall at 4' 11', though you would never know that from watching her videos.  She is pretty sure that glow sticks and helium balloons make the world go round.  She loves to party plan, but would never do it professionally for the fear of not loving it anymore.  You can catch her eating buttery popcorn with mini marshmallows on any given day of the week.  One unique thing about her is that her parents are both only children, so she has no aunts, uncles, or cousins. Kate would rather speak in public to 100 strangers than to 5 people she knows.  She spends a lot of time cheering on the sidelines as a gymnast mom and basketball mom and wouldn't have it any other way.  


Now for the more serious stuff...  Kate has a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and is fluent in American Sign Language.  She taught resource classes in elementary schools in Utah and California for several years. She loves helping kids improve academically and behaviorally and helping parents have the right tools to help their children.  Kate has been a parenting contributor on Channel 2's Fresh Living TV show for 5 years, and has made several appearances on Channel 4  (Good Things Utah) and Channel 5 (Studio 5) TV shows.  She teaches parenting and marriage workshops at events such as Pinners.



 Dustin always seems to have a spare dad joke up his sleeve.  He is the family nerd and loves researching and Excel formulas.  He has a deep love for being in the outdoors.  He loves to go hammocking and can often be found at the kitchen table sewing a new cool addition to his hammocks.  If he isn’t in a hammock to relax, then he spends his free time in his wood shop, making wooden pens and bowls, and recently started rebuilding a '76 GMC truck with his daughter.  He loves all foods, and isn’t afraid of the super spicy stuff.  At the same time, he is down to earth and happy with a Del Taco burrito.  He loves watching his kids play sports.


Now for the more serious  stuff … Dustin has a Masters degree in Social Work and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).  He currently runs a private counseling practice in Utah, working with families, couples, and individuals to help them remove barriers and live a better quality of life. Prior to his private practice, his work experience and expertise were with children 2-18 years of age.  Dustin spent several years serving on the Board of the Utah Association for Play Therapy. He is also fluent in American Sign Language and passionate about the Deaf community.  He  is nationally certified as an ASL interpreter (NIC - Master) from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf.

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The Bassett children were the first guinea pigs to use the DoDots Family System.  It was created over 11 years ago when their oldest son was 9 years old.  It was a tough stage of life for their family because they couldn’t get on top of the mess in their home.  It felt like a tornado rolled through their house every single day and no one was motivated to help because it was so overwhelming. Dustin and Kate were tired of being overwhelmed.  They had tried lots of different chore charts and goal charts, just to have them fizzle after a week or two.  So, they decided to dive in and find a solution by using their background knowledge, research, and experience to create the DoDots Family System.  Thankfully, all the hard work to create it paid off!  Once their children started using the system, there was immediate improvement and they knew that they were onto something special. Dustin and Kate loved it so much that they started sharing it with their friends and neighbors. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so they decided to create a business to help other families. 

Since then, the business took off and continues to grow.  The DoDots Family System has been in thousands of homes throughout the world and continues to help families have a better quality of life.

Happy Families


"Our Family loves the Do Dot system! My kids (ages 9,8,6,5) know what needs to be done with out me having to remind them over and over. They look forward to Store day and are always asking what they can do to earn more tickets to ensure they have enough to get what they want!"

Lynsey Cook

"We love the Family DoDots System at out house. We always know what is expected and what we can do to improve the flow of things at our house. The kids are on top of things and mom and dad can always know where we are at in terms of responsibilities. Thanks for coming up with this great system!"

Becky Daniels

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