Why The Family DoDots System Works

Tired of making chore charts, behavior charts, goal charts and NOTHING SEEMS TO WORK? Hate printing new chore charts each week or writing new chore lists each day? No worries, we’ve got  you covered!

With the DoDots Family System, you will never need to make another chart!.  DoDots includes all the charts for your whole family into one simple board.  Check out these things that are part of the system:

Note: The DoDots Family System is legally protected and there is no recreating or copying of the board in any form allowed, nor using the program without written consent unless purchased.

  • Chores
  • Behavior
  • Homework
  • Practice Time
  • Goals
  • And so much more

Low Maintenance

We've already done the work for you with the DoDots Family System

Once you have DoDots in your home, you can feel stress free about how to make chores work in your home.

  • No more worrying about what chore system to use with your kids.
  • No needing to print more charts or write more lists.
  • No trying to figure out how to motivate your kids.
  • No need to spend more time & effort creating a way to manage chores and behavior in your home.

Easy To Use

The DoDots Family System is so easy to use! Simply reset the DoDots board flipping over the colored magnets.

  • Easy to track chores
  • Easy to track behavior and rewards
  • Easy to reset the board
  • Fun for kids to flip their magnets and see progress


No family is the same!

Customize your DoDots board to your family! If we don't have the word you need out of our 54 printed dots, simply write your own word on a white dot and place it on the board. It's that easy!

Perfect for customizing your board the way you want

Works For All Ages And Abilities

It can be a pain to track all your kids work when they all have different abilities 

Now you only need one chart for ALL of your kids, regardless of their abilities. For example, you can have a dot for a 3-year-old to "Get Ready" for the day and a dot for a 16-year-old to "Mow the Yard" on the same board. As children get older, the chores can easily be changed to match their age and ability level.

Leveling System

The Leveling System is the magic behind the DoDots Family System. Kids are super motivated to do their tasks and get to Level Two, so they can have their play time.


Family Store

Need a fun way to manage the extra chores in the home and to help kids learn to budget?

Kids love the family store! Once they are on Level Two, they can earn extra tickets or money to buy fun things... no junk toys, but instead things they will love and use like rainbow scratch paper, fun sports socks, or a coupon to sleepover at grandma's house. We have a long list of great ideas for all ages in our Member Center.

Works For ALL Family Types

If you have a large family, you can share the columns, adding up to 12 people on one board.

  • Two parent home
  • Blended family
  • Special needs
  • Single parent homes
  • Divorced families
  • Foster families
  • Grandparents
  • Additional family members
  • Many more!



We Are There For You - Member Center

Ever feel like you are on your own with parenting? Not here at Family DoDots. 

Our Member Center is chock full of support for parents! Check it out!


No worries with the DoDots Family System because it uses time-tested research principles to motivate children and to keep things on track.

"DoDots is a simple, yet very effective behavior management technique for families! It is easy to implement, simple to maintain and yields very positive results." 

-John D. Livingstone, Ph.D. Clinical Child Psychologist

Stop the Struggle to get your kids to do chores!

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