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We have been using Family Do Dots for almost 3 years now and it has been wonderful. I love being organized, on task and having a clean, happy home and children. I also love being a fun parent and giving tickets as a reward and our fun family store. Our children have responded so well to this and it has become just a part of our families way of doing things. Thanks for creating such a great thing!
Tionna Roberts

I LOVE this system!! Our home has seen great improvements not only in chores, but kindness and attitude as well. They get their chores done as soon as they wake, help out as soon as a request is asked, and find ways to play with their siblings so that they can earn tickets. We incorporated extra chores to those that would like to work and have actually run out of chores around the house, yard, and cars due to enthusiasm for tickets. No more nagging from mom, no more whining from kids! I LOVE it!!!


DoDots has been such a lifesaver to us in our family. I used to have to nag everyone to get things done. Now, they know that it is up to them as to what they get done and how many tickets they can earn. I love it and recommend it to anyone! It works for young and old. We have a special needs daughter that it is able to work with too. I love how versatile it is and how you can adapt it to work with any situation. Thank you so much for being my sanity saver!!

Katrina Bleyl

I have tried many different chore charts and this one works the best for my family. It is user friendly and easy to set up. You don’t have to really think about what chores need to be done in your home on a daily basis, it is already done for you, Do Dots thought of everything. I love how my kids enjoy doing their chores, they know what is expected of them and I don’t have to get upset anymore when their chores are not done. We love this system and it has been a blessing in our lives. Thank you Do Dots for coming up with the perfect system for small or large families.


We love the Family DoDots System at our house. We always know what is expected and what we can do to improve the flow of things at our house. The kids are on top of things and mom and dad can always know where we are at in terms of responsibilities. Thanks for coming up with this great system!

Becky Daniels

We love our Family DoDots!!!!! I love that my kids know what is expected of them. I don’t have to argue with them about what needs to be done, they know. If they want a reward I simply say “Are you on level two?” Or “Sure! I will put it in The Family Store!” The ability to teach them saving and spending wisely is priceless. My children see what everyone does and no one feels like they are expected to do more than another person, and realize how much I really do every day. It also opens up their vision to serving and helping others. THANK YOU!!!! ❤


I must say that I love the system! It has made me more responsible, and my kids as well. My kids sure love it as well…they don’t even ask to watch TV until they get to level two any more. I no longer have to think if they should or not, because it is already determined! Thank you!! It has been a great asset to our home.


This is a guarantee to help any family become more organized, more structured, more consistent, and more happy about doing chores! It teaches in a positive and fun way how children can accomplish their responsibilities and goals. What I love is that this program has eliminated the disciplining and arguing because the kids know exactly what is expected of them and if they choose not to complete their responsibilities then they know precisely what the consequences are. We have even just began our three year old twins on do-dot program and they love it (but not as much as the parents love it)!
Thank you do-dots!

Loni Watson

I received my dodots system in the mail a week ago. The next day I set it up, went to the store and bought prizes for our family store. I sat down with the family and explained how it worked. Everybody was super excited, I tucked the kids in bed and reminded them tomorrow morning we are going to start our dodots. The next morning (Sunday) I was jolted awake at 6:30 am, to what I thought was the piano. I went down stairs and sure enough, my daughter was practicing her piano lessons so she could get to level 2. I have kids begging to do homework, extra jobs, and acts of service. The TV hasn’t been turned on for a week. Everybody in the house is engaged in an activity or helping out a family member. Everybody is so much happier because they know what is expected. Thank you!


The “DoDots Family System” allows our family to see their chores in an organized and simple way. In addition to completing their responsibilities, it allows them to excel in even more important areas in the categories of “Goals, Service and Family Night.”

Cassie Mortenson

DoDots has seriously changed my life!!! With six kids to keep track of with homework, piano lessons, chores, etc. there was always something falling through the cracks. But now, my kids get everything done, without me nagging and they’re even handling extra responsibility! I think every family needs the DoDots Family System!!!


This system has saved my sanity! No more nagging, I just have to ask my kids if they’re on Level 2 and they know what my answer will be based on their answer. I don’t have to remind my kids to practice, do homework, get their chores done… they know what’s expected because it’s all outlined on our DoDots family system. I have kids at home ranging in age from 3 to 17 and this works for the whole family! When there is something the kids want in the family store they will work like crazy to earn tickets to buy it. I can not recommend this enough – I LOVE my DoDots system!

Gerb Black
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