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Gerb, Mother of 10
Gerb family

“The whole system has been awesome. I LOVE that I am running out of things for them to do. The tops of all of our cupboards have been washed, every wall and surface has been scrubbed clean, the yard is perfectly manicured, the garden was tilled with shovels and rakes in a half a day by two motivated teenagers, the cars are washed and vacuumed twice a week, no one complains when I ask them to change a diaper for me, ... I have not had to remind anyone to practice piano or clean their rooms. In short –it has been AWESOME and I wanted to let you know that we are LOVING this!”

Dede family

“I wanted to share how excited I am about this system!  We introduced the family store and the DoDots System to the kids last night and they are thrilled!  My 11 year old woke me up this morning to tell me that he had done all of his Level One assignments BEFORE school.  (I have NEVER seen that child’s room so clean!)  A few minutes ago, my 6 year old reached Level 2 and we did a happy dance!  Thank you, thank you for helping our family!!”


Teach your children Better Habits

The DoDots Family System has been proven to help children of all ages to take responsibility for their chores, homework, and other activities. Want to ask us about the system yourself? Get ahold of us and we'll tell you how we can help your kids become more helpful than a handful.

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