Sanity Plus – Membership Access + Parts & Pieces Kit


This purchase comes with the the rights to create one DoDots Board for your family as well as receive a membership to the DoDots Member Center.

The DoDots Parts & Pieces Kit comes with:

  • DoDots Written Instructions
  • 54 pre-printed responsibility dots
  • 21 customizable white blank dots
  • 78 high-quality magnets
  • 1 multi-colored dot sticker sheet
  • 7 colored dot sticker sheets
  • 6 picture bottle cap magnets
  • 6 goal bottle cap magnets
  • 6 clear bottle cap seals
  • 125 family store tickets (Includes our new BONUS tickets)
  • 2 wall protecting felt pads
  • 1 wet erase marker
  • 1 circle template

The Member Center Includes:

DoDots Courses:

    • 47 short step-by-step videos 
    • Behavior Tips and Tricks
    • How to use the Leveling System successfully
    • How to motivate your kids
    • How to teach children tools for self-improvement
    • How to set-up and have a low maintenance family store


    • Printables that make running a household easier
    • Lists of parenting resources and experts we turn to for help
    • Written instructions
    • Tips and Tricks for creating your own DoDots Board (Sanity & Sanity Plus purchases)

Ask the Counselor:

    • Detailed video answers to questions submitted by members 
    • Videos with Insights into children’s mental health

An extensive list of ideas for your Family Store 

Access to a private FB Group for ongoing parent support (you are not alone)

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