Can I make this on my own?

No.  The DoDots Family System and Program are legally protected with a patent pending and copyright.  Any recreating of the board in any form and/or using the DoDots Program without written permission of Family DoDots will be pursued legally. The Family System board and the online DoDots Program go hand-in-hand to run everything successfully.

How long does it take to get this system working well?

DoDots Family System is easy to set up and manage.  As a caregiver it is important to be consistent in making sure children are getting on LEVEL TWO each day for approximately two weeks.  After two weeks, the children know exactly what is expected of them and the Family System starts to run itself with everyone knowing what to do!

Does this system address entitlement?

Yes.  DoDots unique leveling system utilizes natural and intrinsic rewards that motivate children without over-rewarding them.

How do children earn tickets? 

Children can earn tickets for any good behavior that parents want to encourage.  Children can also earn “extra” tickets once their regular tasks are completed.  Tickets may be spent at the Family Store.  Make sure tickets are offered to everyone when in a group setting, so a competitive feeling is not created (see example 1):

Different Ticket Examples:

1) “Ticket Night!  Everyone in their p.j.s before I get upstairs gets a ticket.” (NOT: “The first one in their p.j.s gets a ticket.”)

2) “Way to go with cleaning your room and not complaining!  You get a ticket.”

3) “Wow!  You two have been playing nicely without fighting for 20 minutes.  Tickets for both of you!”

Can tickets be taken away? 

Yes and No.  There are a variety of ways that DoDots uses tickets.  Typically, once a child has earned a ticket on the ticket row, it is his or hers to keep.  Taking tickets away can weaken the system and leave the child left wondering, “Why earn tickets when they will just be taken away?”  However, DoDots has other unique ticket approaches for tracking behavior on the progress row.  There are several ways to use the tickets in this area to encourage good behavior.  The Behavior video in the Member Center reviews this well.

Does this system work for teenagers?

Absolutely!  This is a great system for any age!  One key factor to motivating any child is to make sure there are things in your family store that they want!  Items do not need to be expensive, even fun coupons for an activity can be motivating.

Do Mom and Dad need to be added to the board? 

No. This is something to be decided by each family and may also depend on how many columns are available in the system.   If you do choose to add Mom and Dad to the board, be creative!  Homework could be budgeting while Practice Time could be walking the dog or exercising, etc.  Some families like to add mom and dad names to show that they are part of the family system working together, but it is not necessary.

How many people can be added to the board? 

The board is designed for 6 people; however, it can work for up to 12 family members.  The columns are wide enough to share, allowing up to 12 family members on each board.  Extra parts and pieces would need to be purchased separately by contacting us directly through email or phone.

Is there a local pick-up location?

We no longer offer a pick-up option. All of our DoDots are shipped from a fulfillment company.

How do I become a DoDots member and what are the benefits?
Once you purchase the DoDots Family System and DoDots Program, you will receive your Premier Membership that allows you to access all of the member pages.   There are detailed video instructions as well as a member forum where you can learn fun and creative ideas from other people using the DoDots Family System in their homes too.

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